Scientific Programming


CEN's specificity is defined by its focus on cold-affected northern continental environments. CEN works specifically in this field, bringing together the full range of expertise needed to meet the challenges of northern regions. Some CEN members have productive collaborations with other research groups on northern issues, enabling them to pool complementary expertise to tackle major problems.

CEN's scientific program is structured around its mission to contribute to the sustainable development of northern regions by improving understanding of cold environments and the ability to predict the changes that affect them. It has been adjusted in response to the evolution of knowledge, the needs of northern society and the sustained growth in the number of CEN members. Since its creation, the CEN has consolidated and structured the diversity of its members' expertise along four research areas in order to maximize the scientific benefits of this collective effort.


Research Area 1 - Innovative Research Approaches Adapted to the North

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Research Area 2 - Functioning and Evolution of Northern Environments

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Research Area 3 - Environmental Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies

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Research Area 4 - Northern Gradient Project

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