Radiochronology Laboratory: C-H-N Analysis


C-H-N Analysis

CEN has acquired a LECO CHN628 elemental analyzer, which can analyze the percentages of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and nitrogen (N) in soil and sediment samples.

Sample Preparation and Submission

The steps for sample preparation are as follows:

  1. Samples must be thoroughly dry.
  2. They must also be finely ground and made as homogeneous as possible.

Please note that the preparation steps (drying, grinding and homogenizing) can be carried out here in the laboratory. This will slightly increase the cost per sample. Plastic or glass vials are preferable to Ziploc-type bags.

To submit your samples, fill in a C-H-N analysis form (PDF) (Word) for each series of samples you are submitting and enclose it with your samples.

For the customs declaration, you can indicate "Samples for scientific analysis, no commercial value".

You will be contacted by e-mail once your samples have arrived at the laboratory.



Leco CHN628 elemental analyzer (carbon-hydrogen-nitrogen)

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