Radisson Research Station


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Radisson Research Station

The station is owned by the municipality of Radisson. It is managed and operated by two member institutions of the Centre d'études nordiques: Université Laval and Université du Québec à Rimouski. The station has a long-term lease with the municipality. The CEN secretariat based at Laval University oversees the management of the station. This station is part of the CEN Network and is the southernmost station of the Network at 53°N.



Radisson is accessible by the James Bay highway (from Matagami to Radisson). The road is entirely paved over its 624 km and gives access to several Cree villages as well as to the transtaiga ecosystems that border the hydroelectric reservoirs. It is accessible free of charge, but for security reasons you must register at the entrance gate. Note that there is only one gas station on its outskirts, at kilometer 381. Radisson is also accessible by air via the Radisson-Grande-Rivière airport, which is located 30 km from the town of Radisson. From Radisson, the Transtaiga road stretches eastward to the Caniapiscau reservoir on a 700 km gravel road.


Shower, washer and dryer. Solar and hydroelectric energy available 24 hours a day. Running water is potable and comes from the aqueduct. Garbage collection is done on Tuesday morning. Containers are available for this purpose. Recycling collection is not offered on site.

Contact and Address

34, 36 rue Couture
Radisson, Québec,
J0Y 2X0


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