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Job offer- Cook at the Research Station of Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik

Nov. 10, 2023


Here's a unique opportunity to live a cross-cultural experience in the only village in the Far North where Inuit and Cree live together.

The cook will prepare meals for research teams from the Centre d'études nordiques at the Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik Research Station, a Nunavik village south of Hudson Bay.

The cook plays an important logistical role, preparing meals for researchers at the station and frozen meals for teams in remote camps. This logistical support is crucial to the smooth running of Nordic research.

Duties and responsibilities

Qualifications required


Benefits of this work experience

Good experience in planning and organizing meals for groups in remote areas and isolated camps.

The cook will have an overview of the various natural science research projects underway in Northern Quebec.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

To apply

Write to Jocelyn.benoit@cen.ulaval.ca if you have any questions.

To apply, send your cover letter and resume (the cover letter is important) as a single PDF file to the same email address.

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