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The 2024 CEN Annual Conference in a Nutshell

Feb. 23, 2024

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This 44th edition of the CEN Annual Conference was a success thanks to everyone's participation and dedication!

This year's highlights:

Thank you and congratulations to all guest presenters and students.

The evening of February 15 was also marked by the screening of the film Mamuku Meshkanat - Ensemble sur le chemin. The presence of filmmakers Benoit Desjardins and Laurie Guimond led to a lively discussion after the screening. Many thanks to them!

What's more, this year's half-day training session, which was added to the program before the conference, brought together over 70 students and professional researchers and was very well received. It will certainly be repeated for the next edition. Many thanks to our trainers, Prof. Richard Compton and Mr. André Soro!

The CEN Annual Conference Organizing Committee would like to congratulate the following winners:

Thanks to our partners and financial contributors: CIERA, Société Plan Nord, ArcticNet and INQ.

If you would like to see all the photos from the symposium, please write to coordination@cen.ulaval.ca.

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