Alexander Culley
Regular member
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Bioinformatics
Laval University


Karel Cadoret (Master student)

Valérie Langlois (Ph.D. student)

Thomas Pitot (Ph.D. student)

Juliette Provencher (Master student)

Josephine Rapp (Postdoctoral fellow)


Flora Amill (Ph.D. student)

Recent Theses and Dissertations

Anne-Marie Lapointe (Master - 2022)
Microbial community structure in high Arctic lake sediments

Catherine Marois (Master - 2021)
Characterization of microbial communities in lakes of the Stuckberry Valley in the Canadian High Arctic

Myriam Labbé (Doctorate - 2021)
Viral diversity throughout changing nordic salinity gradients

Scientific Communications

Langlois, V., Girard, C., Vincent, W.F., Culley, A.I., 2023. A Tale of Two Seasons: Distinct Seasonal Viral Communities in a Thermokarst Lake. <strong>Microorganisms</strong>, 11(2), 428. DOI: <a href="" target="_blank">10.3390/microorganisms11020428</a>.

Domínguez-Huerta, G., Zayed, A.A., Wainaina, J.M., Guo, J., Tian, F., Adjie Pratama, A., Bolduc, B., Mohssen, M., Zablocki, O., Pelletier, E., Delage, E., Alberti, A., Aury, J.-M., Carradec, Q., da Silva, C., Labadie, K., Poulain, J., Tara Oceans Coordinators,., Bowler, C., Eveillard, D., Guidi, L., Karsenti, E., Kuhn, J.H., Ogata, H., Kubatko, L.S., Culley, A.I., Chaffron, S., Sullivan, M.B,, 2022. Diversity and ecological footprint of global ocean RNA viruses. <strong>Science</strong>, 376(6598): 1202-1208. DOI: <a href="" target="_blank">10.1126/science.abn6358</a>.

Fradette, M.-S., Culley, A.I., Charette, S.J., 2022. Detection of <em>Cryptosporidium </em>spp. and <em>Giardia </em>spp. in environmental water samples: A journey into the past and new perspectives. <strong>Microorganisms</strong>, 10(6), 1175. DOI: <a href=" " target="_blank">10.3390/microorganisms10061175 </a>.

George, P.B.L., Rossi, F., St-Germain, M.-W., Amato, P., Badard, T., Bergeron, M.G., Boissinot, M., Charette, S.J., Coleman, B.L., Corbeil, J., Culley, A.I., Gaucher, M.-L., Girard, M., Godbout, S., Kirychuk, S., Marette, A., McGeer, A., O'shaughnessy, P., Parmley, E.J., Simard, S., Reid-Smith, R.J., Topp, E., Trudel, L., Yao, M., Brassard, P., Delort, A.-M., Larios, A.D., Létourneau, V., Paquet, V.E., Pedneau, M.-H., Pic, É., Thompson, B., Veillette, M., Thaler, M., Scapino, I., Lebeuf, M., Baghdadi, M., Castillo Toro, A., Bélanger Cayouette, A., Dubois, M.-J., Durocher, A.F., Girard, S.B., Carranza Diaz, A.K., Khalloufi, A., Leclerc, S., Lemieux, J., Pérez Maldonado, M., Pilon, G., Murphy, C.P., Notling, C.A., Ofori-Darko, D., Provencher, J., Richer-Fortin, A., Turgeon, N., Duchaine, C., 2022. Antimicrobial resistance in the environment: Towards elucidating the roles of bioaerosols in transmission and detection of antibacterial resistance genes. <strong>Antibiotics</strong>, 11(7), 974. DOI: <a href="" target="_blank">10.3390/antibiotics11070974</a>.

Labbé, M., Thaler, M., Pitot, T.M., Rapp, J., Vincent, W.F., Culley, A.I., 2022. Climate-endangered arctic epishelf lake harbors viral assemblages with distinct genetic repertoires. <strong>Applied and Environmental Microbiology</strong>, 88(17), e00228-22. DOI: <a href="" target="_blank">10.1128/aem.00228-22</a>.

Marois, C., Girard, C., Klanten, Y., Vincent, W.F., Culley, A.I., Antoniades, D., 2022. Local habitat filtering shapes microbial community structure in four closely spaced lakes in the High Arctic. <strong>Frontiers in Microbiology</strong>, 13, 779505. DOI: <a href="" target="_blank">10.3389/fmicb.2022.779505</a>.

Zayed, A.A., Wainaina, J.M., Domínguez-Huerta, G., Pelletier, E., Guo, J., Mohssen, M., Tian, F., Adjie Pratama, A., Bolduc, B., Zablocki, O., Cronin, D., Solden, L., Delage, E., Alberti, A., Aury, J.-M., Carradec, Q., da Silva, C., Labadie, K., Poulain, J., Ruscheweyh, H.-J., Salazar, G., Shatoff, E., Tara Oceans Coordinators,., Bundschuh, R., Kubatko, L.S., Chaffron, S., Culley, A.I., Sunagawa, S., Kuhn, J.H., Wincker, P., Sullivan, M.B,, 2022. Cryptic and abundant marine viruses at the evolutionary origins of Earth’s RNA virome. <strong>Science</strong>, 376(6589): 156-162. DOI: <a href="" target="_blank">10.1126/science.abm5847</a>.

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