Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)


Commitment Statement

The Centre d'études nordiques (CEN) views diversity of experience, perspectives, concerns and thoughts as a vital driver of creativity and research excellence. It is essential that the CEN community evolves in an inclusive, welcoming, empowering and egalitarian space for social justice so that its full potential can be realized and it can contribute significantly to the development of knowledge and innovative solutions to current northern environmental and societal issues. The CEN is actively committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all its research, training and outreach activities throughout, and beyond, its community.

Mandates of the EDI Committee

The primary mandate of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee is to guide the Centre d'études nordiques (CEN) in its efforts to provide its entire community with a welcoming, equitable and inclusive learning and working environment in which each person can reach his or her full potential. It also aims to encourage and promote diversity among all categories of CEN members.

The Committee also serves as a forum for discussion and information exchange on EDI issues within CEN.

In order to fulfil its primary mandate, the EDI Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board, in particular via an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. In response to these recommendations, the Executive Board may provide the EDI Committee with specific mandates, as well as the tools and resources necessary to carry out these specific mandates. The Committee shall report to the Executive Committee on the progress of its mandates.

The three main objectives of the Committee are

Our projects

Action Plan

The CEN, which holds the values of EDI dear, is currently working on its action plan, which will formalize its commitments with measurable objectives. This action plan will be a guide that can adapt to new ideas and the diversity of its members over the years.

In due course, CEN management will invite its members and partners to familiarize themselves with its EDI action plan, and to commit to working with it to achieve its objectives.

Code of Conduct at CEN Research Stations

As of the summer of 2021, everyone staying at CEN research stations is required to familiarize themselves with and abide by the CEN Code of Conduct at Research Stations.

Infographie_Valeurs_MZ Corbeil-Robitaille

This document was developed in collaboration with CEN members through discussion workshops and email consultations. This Code of Conduct is intended to be a living document and all CEN members are encouraged to suggest improvements at edi@cen.ulaval.ca.

EDI accommodations and policies during our annual events

As part of the 2024 edition of the CEN Annual Conference, a Welcome Package was created to guide attendees through their experience. It detailed the accommodations put in place for this edition.

For future events, the EDI Committee would like to continue to promote such accommodations to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion.

Members of the EDI Committee

In order to make recommendations that reflect the realities and needs of CEN members, we need people to complete our team!

A variety of viewpoints and experiences is essential to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within our group. Membership of this committee is voluntary and members are welcome to give as much time as they wish.

Members are encouraged to share any successes, suggestions or concerns they may have regarding EDI.

Kelly Breton-Jacques
Co-chair, EDI Committee

Éliane Duchesne

Co-chair, EDI Committee

Committee Members

Gabriel Bergeron

Ph.D. student

Department of Biology, Laval University

Kelly Breton-Jacques

Executive Secretary

Centre d'études nordiques, Laval University

Madeleine-Zoé Corbeil-Robitaille

Master student

Department of biology, chemistry and geography, UQAR

David Didier

Regular member

Department of biology, chemistry and geography

Éliane Duchesne

Research associate

Department of biology, chemistry and geography, UQAR

Esther Lévesque

Regular member

Department of Environmental Sciences, UQTR

Lise Millera Ferriz

Assistant Scientific Coordinator

Centre d'études nordiques, Laval University

Tabatha Rahman

Ph.D. student

Department of geography, Laval University

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